DOT Placards

DOT Placards

Placards to keep you in compliance with DOT, TDG, and IMO regulations

DOT, TDG, and IMDG-regulated placards to comply with the transportation of hazardous materials / dangerous goods.

US (DOT 49 CFR), Canadian (TDG), and international regulations require that certain materials and substances be correctly identified during transport. We provide placards in several materials including Tagboard, Rigid Vinyl, Removable or Permanent Self-Stick Vinyl, and the less commonly used Magnetic and Aluminum Placards. All placards are regulation size at 273 mm x 273 mm, and comply with all applicable regulations.

In addition to the Standard Worder Placards, we also carry Blank Window Placards, International Woedless Placards, all of the UN or NA Prenumbered Placards and Orange Panels, Placard Kits, and Placard Accessories (Numbers for placards and orange panels and number kits).

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