Hazardous Waste New Jersey Vinyl Labels HWL480NJV

Hazardous Waste New Jersey Vinyl Labels HWL480NJV
Brand: GC-Waste and Drum Labels
Product Code: HWL480NJV
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Price per Package of 500 fan-folded labels $87.00

2 or more $80.00
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  • Part Number  - HWL480NJV - Hazardous Waste New Jersey Vinyl Labels HWL480NJV
  • Packaging      - Pack of 500 Fanfolded - Pinfeed Labels
  • Material           - Vinyl With Permanent adhesive

There are many types of wastes that need labeled at some time or other. We carry labels specifice to many of these wastes, including labels for some things that are not strictly waste - Such as labels defining that a container is empty, that a container has been rinsed, Warnings to open Slowly, Used Oil, Mercury Vapor Bulb Labels, etc. Besides this there are State Specific labels required by certain states that are unique to them, and many waste labels that are not mandatory, but informational only. After all of that we carry many of our waste labels in one, two or three different materials (Vinyl, Tyvek, and Paper) depending on the usage, storage ect. of the waste. (Possibilities are nearly endless).

Adhesive Very Aggressive Permanent Drum Adhesive
Hazard Class Description N/A
Material Vinyl with permanent adhesive
Origin Printed in USA
Packaging (Roll, Pack) Package of 500 fan-folded labels
Waste Type State Specific Hazardous Waste
Price Per Price is per package of 500 labels
Product - Height x Length Size: Label Size is 6in x 6in With line holes on side package is 7in x 6in
Product Color Yellow and Black
Product Weight 5 lbs per Packageof 500 fan-folded labels
Shipping Normally Ships the same day
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